Welcome to Casa Agnethe - House Manual & Check in instructions

Thank you for booking with us. We hope you will enjoy your stay in «Casa Agnethe», in the Wyndham La Costa resort.

To help you achieve a great vacation we have created a «house manual» and a tourist guide with information that can help you get an even better vacation. 


Before you travel to Spain

Before you leave for Spain make sure you have sent us the following information:

Our contact information:


Agnethe: +47 917 52 603

Tormod: +47 959 94 618

Tourist registration (only if you are a non-Spanish resident)

According to Spanish regulations, the government demands that you fill in the form “Tourist Registration”. One form should be filled in for each guest of the house that has turned 16 or older at the time of the stay. This way, we will make the final registration to the government. Please fill in the form on the below link. Remember to refresh for each form you send in.

Meet & Greet & Keys

We have arranged for a nice lady to meet you when you arrive at the house. Sometimes she is a little busy, but she will make sure you get the keys to the house. She will also be the main person to contact if something arises during your stay. (You may of course also contact us, but she is always nearby).

When you land at Malaga Airport please call her immediately, this way she will get the time she needs to go to the house and greet you and hand over the keys to the house. The lady’s contact info will be sent in the bookingchannel or by email.

Check In & Check Out

Check-in is at 16:00 and check-out is at 10:00 unless other timing is agreed with the keyhandler. Early check-ins and late check-outs depends on cleaning and if othere guests are incoming, this is also agreed directly with the keyhandler.

Important information about the house

Community pools

As you can see on the map, several pools are available. There is one universal keycard to some of these pools, it is placed in the key cabinet in the hall. Please do NOT lose this keycard. If you do lose it, please let us know immediately. Place the keycard in the key cabinet when you do not use it.


The air-conditioning will automatically turn off every four hours. To turn it on please press the white button on the wall beneath the AC unit first. After this, you can control it with the remote as usual. One bedroom has an unoriginal AC remote, and sometimes guests accidentally deprogram it. To program it correctly do as follows: Press «S», scroll upwards with «+» until you see the number «0132» then press «OK». It should work now.


Please don’t leave hot kitchenware on the kitchen counter, it will leave burn marks.

Gas cabinet

There is a cabinet including gas containers for the barbeque on the terrace. Please put the gas back in the cabinet after your stay is over. Place the key in the key cabinet when you do not use it.


When using the barbecue make sure it is in the open air. Do NOT use it under the awning as this will be damaged. This is a gas barbeque. Using charcoal is not allowed. If gas is empty, contact Gala, she will make sure to refill it.


Please make sure to roll in the awning if it is windy or at night.

Parking Space

This property has a private parking space in front of the house. Pay attention to the green gate in the front of the house. Make sure it is closed so it does not cause damage to the cars passing by. Other common parking spaces are marked.

Tourist Guide and House rules

We recommend you take a closer look at the tourist guide. This guide includes a lot of information about the house and the area. As a guest, you must comply with the house and community rules. The website www.casaagnethe.eu also contains information about the apartment and guides to activities and what to see in the area.

The house rules are available inside the tourist guide below:

Map of the area

Blue Square:

Red rings:



Black lines:

This is “Casa Agnethe”. The house has the number «1204» and the name «Casa Agnethe» at the front.

Community pools that you can use. The ring furthest to the right shows the pool that is heated all year round, a jacuzzi, and a pool bar.

Restaurants. The green ring in the middle also has a bus to the airport, taxi, reception, and a cafe/store.

Tennis courts, spa, gym, playground. Tennis court time is ordered and paid for at “Team Marina” in the street behind the heated pool.

Shows the pathway to the beaches. It is 400 meters to walk to the closest beach, while 600 and 800 meters to a larger ones.

Directions to the house

We have made a little description of how to get to the house to make it easier to get there. (Use subtitles for text description.)

You can also go to google maps: https://g.page/casa-agnethe?share

• From the airport travel on AP-7 direction Marbella. Stay on AP-7 for about 14 minutes.

• Take off on A-7 (NOT AP-7) (try not to miss this exit, it comes a little surprising when you have not been here before). Stay on A-7 past Fuengirola.

• When you get the «Miramar» shopping center on the right side it is only 1-2 minutes left before you make a right turn off the motorway towards Club Costa World. This exit is also a little surprising. Start slowing down at the overpass so you have time to break.

• Go through the «Welcome» sign and make the 3rd to the right. Follow this road until you get to the reception and restaurant area. Here is also a small roundabout, take a right here. 70 meters down the road you will see the house on the right side named «1204».

• The GPS coordinates (WGS84 Decimal) to the holiday home is Latitude: 36.516757, Longitude: -4.632803.